A top stylist who divides her time between commercial and editorial clients, Gillean McLeod is known for unique flair, creative image-making and working closely with clients to manifest the sartorial aspects of their projects. Whether it is for a film, music video, print commercial or fashion magazine layout, Gillean brings her experienced eye, encyclopedic knowledge of style, and wealth of resources to create memorable visuals.


Growing up in South East Asia, Gillean was surrounded by a colourful culture, absorbing the styles, art and dress customs of Malaysia and Indonesia. Moving to the UK as a teen, Gillean observed an entirely different visual culture on the streets of 1970s London. Finally landing in Los Angeles in 1978, Gillean further expanded her understanding of cuts, silhouettes and styles. By day she styled for and music videos, and by night she performed in the art-rock band Party Boys.


After a stint working for designer Michele Lamy, Gillean launched her own label, Duck for Cover, at LA boutiques such as Fred Segal and Malina, and she continued to style shoots for print and film.


Gillean’s clients include Virgin America, Motorola, Sprint, Honda, Porsche, adidas, Nikon, Coca-Cola and AT&T. Directors and photographers she regularly works with include Zachary Scott, Jim Fiscus, Hugh Kretschmer and Sean Murphy. Her editorial styling has been featured in the New York Times Sunday Magazine, Sharp Magazine, Oprah and BlackBook.


In 2008, Gillean was scouted as a fashion model, and her burgeoning career in front of the camera has included national print campaigns for Charles Schwab, Tempur-Pedic, and Bank of America.


Gillean has recently taken up designing again, launching a capsule collection of her new label gilleanm. It has been featured in a Mazda ad (when she showed up on set in a dress she had designed, and it was decided she should wear it for the photographs).


Gillean works in Los Angeles and New York, continuing to derive inspiration from her travels and love of art, design and fashion.

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